Sunday, April 5, 2009

Your Best Friend's Archives

Okay, still no current, original material at the time, but to follow that old 'Coke Bike' story I'm going to reach even further back for a couple film and video projects I did in 2006.

These represent perhaps my least narrative-driven phase to date. The first was made in the second semester of a first year film course where the project had to be shot on a 16mm Bolex camera, edited on an old steenbeck machine and contain no synchronized sound. The second video was made the following fall, my first spent out of school. This was shot on my old Sony Handycam and edited on iMovie. I'm not sure how to account for the dramatic shift in tone over such a short period of time. One would think that I was really stressed while in school or discovered pot sometime between making these, but I was not stressed in school and probably smoked equal amounts of pot while making each of these... okay, maybe a little more during the second one.

A Day in Withrow

In case you're wondering, the music used in the park video is 'Just Another Sucker on the Vine' by Tom Waits and it's the reason I could not post this video on youtube, as they immediately disabled the audio due to copyright law. I still don't understand exactly how this works and why I can post some things on youtube but not myspace, and vice versa. I guess they're changing their methods all the time to keep on top of things and whether or not copyrighted material gets passed them is mostly a matter of luck... bogus.

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