Sunday, January 11, 2009

on The Outs

A couple months ago, as part of the promotion for their new album, Oasis held a contest asking youtubers to post their covers of four different 'Dig Out Your Soul' tracks. First place went to The Outs from Rio De Janeiro for their version of 'Bag it Up' (a song I'd love to see Trojan adopt for its next ad campaign). Big Brother Recordings will be flying the duo to the gig of their choice which they have decided will be at Wembley Stadium next July. A well deserved win if you ask me. Watch the video below and listen as the singer summons the voice of a 19 year old Liam Gallagher at about the 1:10 mark.

Let's face fact: he sounds better than Liam, and that's without any fancy recording equipment. Imagine the publicity the band would get if Noel fired his brother and replaced him with a 17 year old from a Brazilian cover band? It would be like that movie “Rock Star” but with better music. The Outs have an impressive 32 songs on their youtube channel. They cover mostly Oasis tunes as well as The Verve, The Beatles, Kasabian, U2 and the Goo Goo Dolls, and currently only have one original track on their myspace ( Here's another one of my favourites.

I've begun working on a concept for a series which will have a couple characters partially inspired by The Outs. Imagine the Gallagher brothers at 17 (even though they're 8 years apart) with all the attitude, talent, and swagger they have now but without any of the money or fame. I can see them struggling to build a fan base as band egos and squabbles interfere with finishing most shows. There would be humour and squalor.

And for all of you people thinking to yourselves “are those the guys that do that song about a wall?” this one's for you.

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