Thursday, January 8, 2009

Get to know Your Best Friend a little better...

If you made it to the end of my ridiculously long first post, then you're my new best friend. Now that we're best friends, here's a bit about me and how this relationship is gonna work:

I love movies and music. I'm going to be the first man ever to express my opinions on these things in the informal forum that is 'THE BLOG.' It should be noted that while I consider myself well educated in cinema, I don't have a musical bone in my body and have been diagnosed as tone deaf by my father, who happens to be all the way deaf. But in case the meter-long posting below wasn't indicator enough, I do like to talk about what I listen to, but some could label my little insights as uninformed. Anyway, in sharing my thoughts on what I'm currently seeing and hearing, I hope to expose friends to some cool things they may not have otherwise known about.

I like youtube and will call on it often to compliment, support, or compensate what it is I say on my web log. I look forward to adding songs to youtube just so I can talk about them here, though I've had pretty good luck finding most things so far.

I like stuff that white people like.. the blog as well as most of the things listed on it. More to come on that later. I also like things that are 'meta', so it's okay for me to blog about a blog.

I like things that are Canadian. Note the Canadian music rant below and the use of the metric system above, for I am indeed proud to be part of the red, white and new.

I like stories and literature. Some original short fiction may also appear on Your Best Friend's Blog.

I enjoy playing most sports, but rarely get the opportunity. I get many opportunities to watch sports on television, but rarely enjoy it.

In the winter I skate and in the summer I bike.

I'm a chess man, not a poker man. Sometimes I bake.

It is in to this web of logs that I now commence tossing my own...

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